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Michelle Christle


Michelle Christle is our resident trichologist within our award winning clinic. Specialising in the diagnosis and treatment plans of hair loss and scalp disorders. Michelle has a private welcoming consultation room where anyone suffering from any hair loss issues can see Michelle in a confidential environment. 

Is our resident  trichologist at the award winning National hair loss a scalp clinic. Starting her career in 2002 , she has specialised knowledge in hair loss and scalp issues , helping many people  gain back their confidence. Michelle specialises in many different alopecias,  and scalp issues such as sebboreic dermatitis The clinic caters for all genders and ages. Our Trichologist will  see you in our private consultation room, and discuss all options available , then decide whats the best course of treatment for you

Michelle teaches trichology for national colleges and for private clinics across Ireland and U.K. She is accredited with the association of trichologists uk and the international trichology congress, she’s featured in  articles for magazines  and on local and national radio stations across Ireland. 

What Does a Trichologist Do?

Specialists working in this field help people with issues such as hair loss, hair breakage, oily scalp and scalp psoriasis. Some trichologists can also treat problems related to conditions like alopecia and trichotillomania, or hair-pulling disorder. Trichologists examine the hair and scalp to diagnose and recommend treatment for your condition and its severity.

One of our most popular treatments is Oxygen therapy, with only a select few of these treatments available in Ireland.

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